Oct 12

Happy and You Know It, Mug, Aaron Spieldenner, hummingbull

Hummingbull is the musical endeavors of Seattle native singer-songwriter Timothy Smith. A lyric-centric songwriter, Smith's use of syntax, semantics, and literary devices will provide something special to those who listen closely. There are layers to investigate within his often seemingly simplistic songs. He urges the audience to think deep, to ask questions. His writing explores deep subjects ranging from existentialism, religion and faith, love and loss, addiction, ego and identity. He believes emotion makes us human, and his goal is to express emotion through his songs. His songs are often personal, raw, and honest. His hope is that those who listen will be able to relate, understand, and connect on different levels. Fans of Bob Dylan, Lonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, or Daniel Johnston will surely find something sincere and interesting here.hummingbull.bandcamp.comfacebook.com/hummingbullinstagram.com/humming_bull Mug is the latest musical project by Brian Connor, formerly of The Minor Three and a contributing guitarist to The Sound Down Cellar collective in Boston. With a gentle growl delivering bold, haunting lyrics, woven through deceptively simple guitar lines, the songs are a familiar sort of Americana but look back at you with a restless, wandering psychedelic gaze; a collection of vignettes and hard truths, memories and dreams, tastefully arranged on the mantle above a crackling fire. Mug is currently working on an EP, tentatively titled "Union", to be released fall 2018. https://mugfolk.bandcamp.comhttps://www.facebook.com/mugfolk Happy and You Know It is the pop music project of Ohio native/Seattle resident Billy Palmer. Since 2002, Palmer has self-released six full-length solo albums, a handful of EPs, and has appeared on several compilations. He also plays guitar, sings, and co-writes in Seattle guitar-rock band Dogbreth, which has toured the United States extensively, and is a member of the Akron, Ohio punk duo Litter Party. Aaron Spieldenner is a singer-songwriter whose music ranges from a modern folk sound to straight-ahead rock. Having first begun writing songs at 10 years old, Aaron has used songwriting throughout his life as a means for observation, reflection, and making some sort of sense of the world. A native to Seattle, Aaron tends to be particularly inspired by overcast skies, historical events, and uncomfortable day-to-day interactions.