Dec 08

Stranger Scott, Annie O'Neill, Sheldon

December 8 Stranger Scott. I adopted the name Stranger Scott a few months after moving to Seattle in the Summer of 2017. Since then I’ve seized every strike of inspiration possible, churning out new songs and performing at any chance I get. With a creative spin on past and present experience, my songs offer a lyrical and sensational window into my life. Stranger Scott presents a unique sound that pulls from many different genres to bolster my traditional Country Western and Americana vibe with a fresh stylistic twist of soulful melodies. My music will have you singing along to a good time drinking song, reminiscing about long lost love and the regretful or questionable choices of your past, and will then leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed, and in an all around good mood. Annie O'Neill is a songwriter based in Seattle, Wa. Her original music is sultry acoustic / electric, blues, roots, rock, soul and jazz . Annie is a dynamic performer with powerhouse vocals that will knock your socks off & soothe your soul at the same time . She keeps good company- always collaborating with top notch players in Seattle and beyond ,whether in studio or on stage .' Sheldon has been performing in and around Seattle for a number of years. He is in the City of Seattle’s Musicians Program, and is the current host of Conor Byrne’s Sunday night Open-Mic event. In his solo performances he draws from an eclectic variety of styles as he imbues his own distinct personality into his song choices. 8pm / 21+