Nov 08

Tai Shan, Annie Martin and special guest

The Bourbon Bar at Columbia City Theater Presents Nov 8  21+  Free Tai Shan, Annie Martin and special guest As Tai Shan’s song says: “It’s cool to be weird.” There’s a good reason that the catchy ode to individuality was chosen as the anthem for the Girl Scouts of America’s Power Up Program. You listen and you think, “YES. Being different is cool.” Seattle-based pop-folk singer, composer and songwriter Tai Shan is a wonderfully different kind of musician. City Arts magazine raves, “Tai Shan’s music is like hugging a total stranger—kind of awkward and totally wonderful.” Tai is a known for her 50+ songs inspired by works of literature —everything from Stephen King’s Carrie to Dr. Seuss—that span a wide range of themes and musical styles.Her catchy, layered melodies echo John Mayer and Jack Johnson while her soprano soars somewhere between Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and Adele. CultureMob says, “Tai sings as if the world was unaware of beauty and it is her task to describe it. She knows each goosebump-raising frequency and proves that whole worlds can exist in a 5-minute song.”